Fun, Inspiring and Educational!

Regionals ~ Plan now for 2020 best savings!

Pay in Full Sept 1 … 30% off
Pay in Full Oct 1 … 20% off
Deposit Sept 1 … 10% off Balance due Jan. 1

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Fun, Exciting Dance Competitions and Conventions for dancers of all ages and abilities.

We are a team of dance professionals in Boston NYC & who work tirelessly to provide the very best possible experience for Studios and their Dance Families.  We provide a stress-free, beautiful environment in the best venues possible along with spacious changing rooms.

Our Master Teachers and Judges are professional dancers, teachers and educators who have extensive teaching experience and are respected in the dance community for their proven skill. They are hand selected after extensive testing and training and are here to help further the education of students and overall quality experience for participating dance studios and their staff.


All dancers are recognized, nurtured and rewarded and every teacher, choreographer receives meaningful recognition on stage.

Our fees are amongst the lowest in the county and our Awards are amongst the best.

Join us today as we come into our 31st year! Choose from over 25 regional locations 20 genres of dance, 3 ability levels and age divisions ranging from 3 to senior adult, including a fun selection of Optionals and 3 Fabulous Nationals. No hidden banquet, tickets, media photo costs. We keep it Simple and fun for All.